According to Yanni D, curator of all things fashionable, is a jack of all trades navigating her way through the beautiful and challenging world of the fashion industry. At an early age while growing up in New York City, fashion became a passion for Yanni D and throughout the years she has acquired and enhanced her skills as a fashion consultant. Starting out as a freelance fashion stylist, personal shopper and contributor, she went on to earn an MBA from LIM, and evolved into a fashion marketing professional, where she continues to learn the ins and outs of the fashion world. With decades worth of experience in the fashion and media industry, Yanni D embraces her love and range for fashion by showcasing ready to wear pieces to red carpet sensations. Yanni strongly believes “Fashion is more than pretty clothes, it is the way our identities and personalities gain a voice through style.”

It is with this belief that Yanni D wants to impact the world one stiletto at a time.  Her blog showcases not only iconic figures in the fashion world, but everyday images to show that an impressionable look can be accomplished through signature pieces in one’s closet. According to Yanni D serves as a platform to document her personal journey, leading industry trends, and fashion through the lens of a true cosmopolitan fashionista.