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“Getting styled by Yanni D. is such an amazing experience! She really understands my style and always knows exactly what I’m looking for. Yanni D. has helped me take my style to the next level while still remaining true to what I like and who I am. Who else can do that?! Working with her has been awesome!” Jasmin M. (East Orange, NJ)


Closet Therapy

“Yanni puts the fun back in shopping – I spent about an hour with her, she sized up my wardrobe, made a list of what I needed and then a few days later I had the perfect pieces – including ones that totally work but I would have never picked out myself. Yanni knows what she’s doing and knows how to shop on a budget!” Michelle S. (Brooklyn, NY)


Request Therapy

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Yanni style me for many occasions but having her on the job during my stressful days of wedding planning has really shown her true talent. She takes the time to listen to my needs and makes magic. Highly Recommended!” Nadia J. (Charlotte, SC)


Personal Shopping

“Yanni made the experience of working with her awesomely fabulous. She made everything so simple, easy and really understood my objectives, from utilizing some of my favorite existing pieces to really capturing and understanding my personal style. Her knowledge and understanding of color vs skin tones, accessories with fabrics/colors and  body shape was truly phenomenal and I was able to get some great tips and tricks that do wonders for my figure. I was stunned to see that there were so many styles that I would not in the past even look at that did wonders for my shape.” Anjave B. (Queens, NY)

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